Planning Your Destination Wedding

Why do people plan Destination Weddings?

This is a laid-back exciting way to start off the new chapter of your lives as a couple.

Most conventional weddings are set up so that you don’t really get to spend any time with your guests at all. You spend so much money and time planning this event and it’s over in an instant. Your wedding will be very memorable no matter how you do it. But imagine a Destination Wedding on a Caribbean Island, Mexico, or Hawaii, or in Italy, spending a few days in paradise with your closest group of friends and saying “I do” with the backdrop of an exotic destination! creating and experience with memories for a lifetime for you and your family and friends!

Many of the “must invite’ guests that you really want to see and share the experience with are coming from out of town. They are going to spend a significant amount of money to attend no matter where it’s held, so attending a weddings in an exotic destination can make your guests have this special experience.

A conventional wedding costs a fortune. By the time you invite the hundreds of guests, pay for the church, dinner, entertainment and whatever else, you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars. A Destination Wedding has the potential to create a much more memorable experience and possibly save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

A Destination Wedidng is not for everyone, but it will certainly be in a very relaxed setting; everything runs on “island time”. The day will not be planned out to the last millisecond, you’ll need to roll with the punches a little bit. If you can imagine yourself being married on a romantic island, with a tropical breeze, a beautiful beach, soft sand and beautiful sunsets, together with your friends and family, this is for you.Relax, rejuvenate, imagine!

Planning the wedding:

most people plan their own conventional weddings which are a thousand times more work; you can plan a wedding in Punta Cana yourself. There really isn’t that much to be done. However, people do tend to overlook some of the details and dealing with the weddings coordinators at the hotels can sometimes be a little overwhelming. That is why having a Destination Wedding Specialist be there for you to help you choose your dream resort, connect you with your wedding coordinator, and make the travel plans for you and your guests is essential.

Here is a list of things you should know and think about when planning weddings .

  • Yes, destination weddings are legal everywhere. You may choose to have a legal ceremony , or a symbolic ceremony(where you marry in a small ceremony in the USA and travel to the destination of your dreams with everyone for the symbolic ceremony .
  • Create a list of “must invite” guests that you wouldn’t get married without and check that they’d be able to make it. You might have to be a little forceful with your family, they’re always more opinionated than the rest of the guests. Only invite your immediate family and your seriously closest friends.
  • Planning a year in advance for Destination Weddings insures higher attendance
  • Guests usually pay their own way to weddings. There are wonderful resorts with reasonable rates for your guests. If you wish, you can stay at the "wedding resort' and go to another resort for your honeymoon. Many couples do this.
  • Many of the resorts have wonderful packages and coordinators who are certified wedding planners who will help you organize your dream wedding. Many resorts offer 'free wedidng package' for a certain number of guests if you reserve a certain room category for specified number of nights. It is always best to have me contact the wedding coordinators to confirm your wedding date and request their packages be sent to you for you to review your options for your ceremony, cocktail receptions (if you choose) , and private receptions with music (you can usually bring your own ipods- these resorts have speakers and set ups for this option. You would make choices of flowers, photography, music, cake, specialized wedding menus. I do recommend a private reception because you will have a separate area for your party vs a reception in a restaurant with the other guests of the resort.
  • Usually, the basic wedding package is very “low frills”, you are probably going to want to make some upgrades, but choose them carefully. You can very quickly add thousands of dollars in costs. The coordinator and I will guide you while you make your decisions. Most wedding packages are based on ten to twenty  guests, with additional surcharges for every additional guest to cover the set up and waitstaff fees. This is normal. .
  • You will correspond with your on site wedding coordinator from the moment you make a deposit for your wedding date and it is confirmed. When you arrive at your destination, usually 2,3,4 days prior depending on the rules and regulations of the island or country of your choice, you will have a special meeting time, designed prior to your arrival to meet with your coordinator . She or he will walk you through the sequence of events so you have the piece of mind you need (remember, you are on vacation, relax )ou’re on vacation)..

  • Booking the air and resort package with me is a true benefit. You have the advantage of my personal service minute one, coordination of your travel as well as your family and guests's travel and connect everyone's information with the coordinator and the front desk, so that no one has to do any calling or planning. I work with travel tour operators only because their power of the pricing for their packages, their price matching, their ultimate customer service makes all this coordination easy for everyone, including me, And if there are any issues with the airlines once travel begins, or at the resort when you arrive, you would call me, and I would contact the tour company who will, because of their negociating power with the resorts and airlines, be able to solve any issues, again, once travel begins..